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About the Center for Global Health

Our mission and vision

We strive to facilitate and focus the extensive expertise and resources of Johns Hopkins institutions together with global collaborators to address and ameliorate the world's most pressing health issues.

Transcending borders for world health

The Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health was founded in 2006 as a collaboration among all of the Johns Hopkins University schools. Our goal is to harness the full expertise of the institution’s health and medical professionals to address global health challenges, build capacity, and inspire the next generation of global health leaders.

The Center taps the community’s extensive knowledge base to develop sustainable solutions that overcome barriers to good health, especially in developing countries. Our work transcends borders among disciplines, languages, countries, governments, funding streams, drug availability, education, and health care, hence our motto: Transcending borders for world health.

Our programs are designed to:

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Supporting multidisciplinary learning, research, and action

"The Center is an unusual partnership that promotes collaboration throughout the Johns Hopkins community. We coordinate and focus efforts against HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, malnutrition, diarrheal diseases, emerging chronic diseases, and other worldwide health threats, especially in developing countries, with the ultimate goal of eliminating these threats."

Thomas Quinn, MD
Director of the Center for Global Health

Thomas Quinn, MD