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Conference grants for GHFRA and GHEFP awardees

Key facts about conference grants

Who can apply? Students who have completed a Global Health Field Research project or Global Health Established Field Placement and have an accepted presentation/poster

How much is awarded? $500 

What is covered? Conference-related costs

Application deadline: Applications must be submitted 60 days prior to anticipated departure for the conference

If you have been awarded a Global Health Field Research Award or Global Health Established Field Placement, you are eligible to apply for funds to support participation in conferences where you will present research completed as participant. 


Guidelines and eligibility

  • Funding is limited and competitive.
  • For each cycle (starting in September and ending the following August), four $500 grants will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • Only students who participated in the GHFRA and GHEFP in the summer previous to the start of the cycle are eligible.
  • Only students with accepted presentation/poster are eligible to apply for funding.
  • Funding must be used to pay for conference-related items: conference registration, poster printing, coach-level airfare, local transportation, lodging, and meals.
  • Funding is limited only to present research pursued during GHFRA and GHEFP.
  • Students must attend the conference within 12 months of the application submission.
  • Awarded students are expected to submit a final abstract and acceptable citation for the presentation along with two hi-res photos of the student presenting at the conference with appropriate caption.
  • Presentations, papers, and/or posters will acknowledge the affiliation and support the Center, i.e., “Supported in part by the Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health.”


How to apply

Submit the online application along with proof (i.e. email confirmation) of presentation/poster acceptance from the conference organizer to Awardees will be notified 30 days of the request.